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Trans-Labial Scan £200

This scan is a new technique to visualise the tissue posterior to the Urethra to look at TVT mesh or Autologous sling.


TVT mesh has been used surgically for women with mainly bladder prolapse.


Recently this technique has been suspended as women have reported problems of pain, infection and other issues associated with TVT mesh.


This scan is a 2D and 3D specialised technique and can be used to confirm the following:


  • The integrity of the mesh ie. is it in 1 piece or fragmented

  • The position of the mesh​


Because Cathy Stewart has experience of this type of imaging she is able to report on the findings.


Sometimes women who have had this procedure may have had other surgeries making any other interpretation of the images complicated.


We then do recommend that any follow up of the scan result should be with an experienced Uro-Gynaecologist for this reason.


We work in association with Miss Natalia Price at Oxford Gynaecology and would refer patients to her in this instance.

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