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About CS Partners Medical

Ultrasound is a painless and harmless imaging technique which utilises high frequency sound waves, in a similar way to Sonar, to visualise soft tissues within the body.


Gel is applied to the skin or area of contact to make a good connection between probe and skin.

At your appointment, the Sonographer will explain the test to you and ask you to lie on the couch to commence the scan.




During the scan, the Sonographer will explain what they are doing and you will see the scan itself on a screen in front of you. If you prefer not to see the screen we can turn it off for you. We don’t allow recording of the scan itself.

Once your scan has been done, a report is written, which we explain to you and give you a paper copy before you leave.

If you would like your images, please bring a USB stick with you to transfer them to. 



As Sonographers, we are able to undertake the scan, interpret the appearances and issue a report.

Sometimes the result of the scan can be clear, for example:


Patient attends with pain in the right upper abdomen – the ultrasound shows Gall Stones and a dilated Common Duct – then the pain would be due to the Gallstones.


But sometimes the result of the scan is not clear and you would need interpretation by either your GP or a Consultant as they are responsible for your on-going care. 


In all cases, we recommend contact with your own GP either before or after your scan or you can book to see one of the experienced doctors at

My Specialist GP.

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